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Stephanie Alianto

Artist: Stephanie Alianto | Illustrator Hard to find any descriptive info, but just want to talk about her artistic style. Website: Stephanie Alianto Social Media Links: Instagram

Lily Nova | Like A Dove

  Just finished the illustration for "Confessions for Life" book by Emily Preston. Posted by Like A Dove on Saturday, May 23, 2020 Artist: Lily Nova (Like A Dove) | Illustrator Here I want to share some of my thoughts [...]


Artist: Dr. Barron Bell | Illustrator, Comic and Storyboard Artist Talk about the upcoming release to the Dominion comic B. Robert Bell is a graduate of Regent University with a Masters degree in film and animation.  As a comic book writer [...]

Heidi Stephenson | Artistic by Nature

Artist: Heidi Stephenson(Artistic by Nature) | Illustrator, Painter, Typographer She doesn't have much info available online. I would talk about her designing christian greeting cards and bible covers( Also mention the company she's working for. Website: Heidi's Bio Social Media [...]

James Graves | Visual Jams

Artist: James Graves(Visual Jams) | Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Typographer I love Jesus, elephants, and being authentic. These are my visual jams: Illustration, typography, graphic design, and church marketing. Website: Social Media Links: Instagram | Behance

What Am I Called to Do?

Work Title: What Am I Called to Do? Filmmaker/Studio: Messenger Studios Just give a brief description of the video in your own words. You were created on purpose for a unique purpose. And God wants you to discover why He [...]

The Mighty Series: Illustrated by Justin Stewart

Work Title: The Mighty Series Artist: Justin Stewart Talk about him being an illustrator and designer. Also, talk about him partnering with Adalis Shuttlesworth who we will be featuring with her mighty series at a later time which is at [...]

Samson and Delilah

Work Title: Samson and Delilah Artist: Ed Koehler I’m a freelance illustrator specializing in fun, lively art for children’s books, educational materials, and any variety of print and online products. My work has been published around the world and I’ve [...]

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